Guest Blog ~ Carla Forsyth, ”Transference Healing”

Healing Our Core Wounding


A core wounding is the cause of distortion and dis-ease creating physical, emotional and mental symptoms in us. It is a deep energetic wounding within our etheric body that disconnects us from our Higher Self and our Lightbody. By working with Chiron through Transference Healing®, you can begin to heal this core wounding in the etheric and receive the frequencies that are necessary for you body to heal, anchor and activate your Lightbody so you can ground yourself in the 5th dimensional world that we are co-creating now.

The core wounding is reflected in the Greek mythological story of Chiron who was the offspring of Saturn. Being born a centaur, he was rejected by his parents and raised by Apollo. Chiron, being half man and half horse, represented the human being who’s divinity exists in a state of immortality and who, at the same time, resides in a physical mortal body throughout each of its incarnations.

The Mythical History of Chiron

Chiron the centaur created a wounding after being pierced in the leg. While living in a state of immortality he searched many dimensions to find a cure and along the way he became very wise and knowledgeable, mastering the art of healing. Meanwhile, the deep compassion that he developed, compelled him to help others on their own self healing journey. He does this by bringing up issues concerning the body’s health, diseases and their relationship or effect on our spiritual journey, growth and empowerment process throughout life. Chiron enables us to identify with the wound, giving us the resources to not only work with it on the etheric level and thereby heal it, but also to acknowledge or understand it so that we can work through its associated emotions that create limitations within our personal and spiritual growth. Through this self-healing process Chiron also enables us to shift our consciousness and see the gifts contained within the wound by allowing it to surface. When the wound is physically and psychologically healed, the gift is embraced, enabling one to awaken and evolve in body and consciousness and to open the mind to mysticism and magic. As we awaken these latent gifts, we learn to heal ourselves and others. Finally embodying our purpose.

The Astrological Aspects of Chiron

There is an ancient North American prophecy that says:
“When the healing planet is discovered in the sky then the sacred warrior teachings will return to Earth.” It is believed that this healing planet is Chiron.

In 1977 the consciousness of Chiron was energetically returned to the Earth when a new minor planet, classified as a centaur, was discovered in our solar system traveling a course between Saturn and Uranus. This discovery triggered our consciousness to embrace the idea of personal and planetary healing through energy and light. As Chiron transits between Saturn and Uranus it creates profound shifts in our physical and spiritual identity, as well as our perception on health and healing.

Chiron consciousness is a universal consciousness that comes through the planet chiron to help us enhance our intuitive ability and repair the etheric web that sustains our life force on Earth. By working with this etheric web that is energetically connected to the physical body, planet earth and the universe, we connect to Christ Consciousness and understand the vibrational healing aspects of all nature within our universe. Therefore, Chiron and it astrological influence enables us to access and master some of the sacred teachings and cosmic healing powers of the Christ.

We are all born with one of twelve core or Chiron wounds. The wounding you work on during your lifetime is based on what astrological sign that Chiron, the planet, was in at the time of your birth. The sign we identify in Transference Healing® is not necessarily, but could be the same as your zodiac sign. Chiron in a natal astrological chart indicates the area from which an opportunity comes to heal the core wound that we are born with. Chiron is not only triggering global astrological and energetic changes as it trasits in the solar system, thereby supporting global change within the Earth and human consciousness, but it is also simultaneously triggering four important astrological transits in each individual’s natal chart throughout their lifetime.

As Chiron makes its 50 year cycle of every human’s natal chart, the four unique transits it creates for each individual on the planet affects their personal and spiritual growth process. As such, the four Chiron transits occurring in their lifetime indicate times of significant initiations, as well as the core issues that may occur at these times in order for each individual to trigger a profound healing and an opportunity to create huge realizations and awaken latent gifts and talents.

The first Chiron transit occurs anytime between ages 4 and 23 years of age and gives us the chance to identify with our sense of self on Earth. The second transit opens one up to their life’s path. The third transit often creates painful times of self-discovery. The fourth transit occurs for everyone at the age of 50. During this transit Chiron returns to the exact sign and position it was located at the time of one’s birth. This transit creates the change of life, thereby delegating the direction and resources to find more of our life’s purpose.

If you are interested in identifying your individual Chiron wounding and knowing, from a Transference Healing® point of view, how your wounding can influence your life and what gifts can be obtained by embracing and overcoming your wounding then please contact Carla Forsyth or (973) 320-3815. Simply becoming aware of your wounding can be healing, empowering and can significantly shift your consciousness. However, if you would like to go deeper into the healing of your core wounding please be aware that this issue is worked on in every full, advanced Transference Healing® session I offer and I would be honored to work with you on this if this information resonates with you.

The source of all information in this article is the founder, anchor and channel of Transference Healing®, Alexis Cartwright. Some information in this article is from her book, Beyond Doorways.

Carla Forsyth,, is a Transference Healer, among other healing modalities, including Reiki and Pranic Healing. Carla assists people in remembering who they really are and how to move from the 3rd dimensional bubble, filled with fear and struggle that we are free to leave behind now, into the 5th dimensional world that exists around them.