Good news! The problem may not be what you think.

When the problem is not the problem

The number one reason people come to Kwan Yin Healing is that they are stuck in some way – career, health, life direction, fulfillment, something. And, not surprisingly—they experience no small amount of frustration and even resignation as a result. Often they’ve tried reasonable approaches already, only to remain stuck.   They’re looking for answers.

When we’re truly stuck, it’s because we don’t know what the real problem is. Because if this were the real problem, it would already be in the process of solution, at least in the long term. By definition really—they’ve already applied what seemed like reasonable approaches, but without success. It’s a sure sign they’re solving the wrong problem.


It’s a tangent.   A distraction.   Misdirection.   We’re looking in the wrong place. But because we don’t know that, we turn from ourselves to outside sources as the blockage, spending our mental energy on excuses, blame, and justification.   That’s all very natural and very human. And when we do this—now we’re good and stuck.

We typically believe we use our reason to evaluate options and make choices. That’s not really true, though.   Reality is, we tend to make decisions for emotional reasons. It’s our emotions that express motion (e-motion) and move us into physical expression.   Our minds then justify those decisions after the fact, telling ourselves the justification we construct was the reason for the action.   That’s hard to see, but truly, we react far more than we consciously act.

That justification grandfathers in our interpretation.   It is now, for us, concrete reality.   It’s just how things are.   And viola! From discomfort, with a little reaction and justification, a comfort zone is born.   And enshrined. Except that it’s a fiction – and we are its authors.

That’s we’re stuck. And that’s why we’re staying stuck.

The Discomfort Zone

It’s a hard concept to challenge. As Abraham puts it, a belief is just a thought we continue to think. Put another way, the thoughts we continue to hold become beliefs. So what started as justification for an emotional reaction is now elevated to a belief, a tenet, a principle.   Except that we made it up. It doesn’t really exist. There’s really no such truth. Our comfortable world of certainty was never real except in our heads. And we don’t like people messing with our heads.

But when the world doesn’t match our fiction, we know something is wrong. Since it can’t be *us* — because our beliefs, of course, are the “true” ones – it must be the “Others.”   The bosses, the politicians, the teachers, the neighbors, the relatives, the economy, the system, the society today…that’s what’s keeping us down – right?


As long as we cling to the beliefs of our comfort zone, yes. So we stay stuck.

Joseph Campbell was right. We can’t stay here.   This is not were the magic happens.

A Vision of Clarity

So how do we climb out of this morass?

Begin with this understanding – there’s a difference between a problem that’s in the process of solution, however gradual, and a problem that’s seemingly insolvable.   The first is natural – life unfolding. Time takes time. But the second is a red flag—it’s not in process, and has no apparent solution because it isn’t really the problem. (short of fixing everybody else, which just isn’t realistic – you’d need to be all knowing and always right…hard to pull off)

Awareness is the first step. Recognize, when something is insolvable, that you’re looking at the wrong problem. Find the real problem.   Let go of the fictional one, however well entrenched.   Excuses and blame are red flags as well—irrelevant misdirection (however awful the targets of your ire may be).

Then find your right path. What do you want, really? OK, to pay the bills perhaps, but what would paying the bills do for you? What would open up for you then?   What do you love? Where’s your bliss? What dreams have you long suppressed in the name of your fictional reality? How might the essence of those be in your life not someday, but now? What’s beyond this current fog your obstacles are kicking up?

Most people, honestly, have no idea what’s really driving them. And that makes positive manifestation difficult.


Reality from Source

Let’s take a common one – Money as a manifestation. This is a classic problem vs. reality issue.   Money is not a source – it’s a means. It’s a result of the manifestation, not the real manifestation. That’s why so many people struggle with it, while others seem to float above this problem.   They’re trying to solve the wrong problem.

Thoughts and feelings and consciousness of the Divine are the supply – it’s what creates the money.   And those thoughts and feelings and consciousness need to be not about the money, but about the Divine as Source. That’s the real energy (it’s why we call it “Source”).   Imagine a hose—it delivers the water, but it is not the water itself. Without a water source, a hose isn’t much use.   You don’t need a money hose; you need a Divine water supply.

Another piece of this misunderstanding is the concept of karma. Karma is not justice, reward, or punishment, but fulfillment–every desire comes to fruition, even if that takes many lives. And that desire comes as complete packages, all the things that go with it, anticipated and wanted or not. So our actions appear to come back.

And that manifestation is instantaneous. As long as we believe it’s “coming,” then it’s still coming. My first blog post featured Chinese doctors healing tumors in real time. How, by focusing on how it’s already healed. I often encourage my healing clients to see themselves as healthy—it strengthens the body’s healing power, rather than re-manifesting the problem.

Then why do people struggle with this seemingly miraculous process?

The Divine gets the credit.   Humility.   “We” don’t master anything – we simply connect to the Divine, and the accomplishments are not our own.   And the purpose is not to achieve what we started seeking – rather, that purpose served the purpose of getting us to seek Source.   The real reward is that connection. Can you imagine? 24/7, feeling one with Source, knowing every need was met, in the moment, already done?

In Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, the Hero is indeed transformed. But the ultimate point of the journey is the Elixir brought back to the Village.   Reconnective Healing brings us back into effective connection with Source.

And damn – ain’t that what we should be seeking all along?

Free session heads up

Last month I shared with my email list a new Home Version of the Kwan Yin Journey at a special rate for you, my tribe.

But 11 week journeys still cost a chunk of change, and people are often still stuck back at step one.   How can one get going while still struggling day to day?

In April, I’ll be offering a limited number of no-cost consultations for exactly this purpose.

You’ll gain a new clarity and lay out a practical plan for moving forward. There’s hope. In fact, there’s real change waiting just from the free session.   Sure, taking the full program is going to offer far more depth and transformation. But let’s get you started.

So look for this.   If a couple of your friends might benefit from these sessions, have them sign up (they’ll get the Six Sessions bonus when they do) so they get the announcement in a week or two.   And if it’s a good fit for you too, be ready to jump on it! I can only do so many with a cramped calendar, but I’ll try to see everyone interested gets some benefit.

Coming soon!


Tim Emerson
Kwan Yin Healing