The Cool Factor (and how it hurts healing)

There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.
—Douglas Everett

Well, first, there’s nothing wrong with cool. In fact, fun and wonder and excitement are important, even healing in themselves.

So what’s the problem? Cool is great when it’s serendipitous. But when we’re seeking solutions, cool isn’t enough—we need systems to manifest it.

Consider a studio musician. I’ve been a part of creating these amazing experiences. Totally fun, right? Well, it has its fun part, but most of it—*most* of it—is a lot of tedious time dealing with acoustics and electronics and mixes and balances and such details. The music part is a small part of this. But it’s all necessary to create that awesome end product.

Or gardening…nicely producing trees, vines, plants and so forth are great—I love going outside and just picking a peach or a plum or a head of broccoli—but that only comes after site and soil preparation, seed starting, transplanting, water and fertilizer, weather and pest protection (rabbits destroyed my first orchard one winter), followed by timely harvest and effective storage. And that doesn’t all happen without a thought-out system.

Or in short, systems are what make cool happen. Often people turn to healing as if a magic cure—just wave your hands and make all the problems vanish, just like that. Well, sometimes it does seem to happen like that—but in reality (just like the seemingly effortless music performance or the produce just readily available), it comes as the result of systemic practice.

As Mark Silver puts it, “My experience of spiritual healing is that you can have a lot of really nice feelings in the heart, warm fuzzies, but your life doesn’t change if the healing doesn’t come all the way down to the nitty-gritty details.” That’s my experience too. If you want more than warm fuzzies, you’ll need systems.

Make Systems Visible

We do not so much look at things as overlook them.
—Zen proverb

In his book “Work the System,” Sam Carpenter notes “The reality is that most people look for better results without considering the mechanisms that would produce those results.” So the first step is making systems visible, so we can examine and manage them. Sounds simple enough, but so profound a shift that Carpenter calls it “a mini-enlightenment.”

The trouble, though, is this totally kills the cool factor. It de-mystifies things. The metaphysical becomes tangible. What was complex consternation is now strategic certainty. But this sudden stone-cold reality is . . . well . . . a bit boring. It’s dull. What happened to the magic?

Well, just as for the musician and the farmer, the magic is in the fruits of all that attention to detail, carefully and organically organized. As Carpenter explains it, “The odds of getting what you want are infinitely higher than waiting for a ghost to communicate good tidings, a horoscope or tarot card to predict a prosperous future, or a multimillion-dollar lottery winning to land in your lap. Be mechanical. Can you imagine how you will feel as you watch yourself get a grip on life and create what you want due to your own actions, not because of improbable fate, magic, dumb luck, or someone else’s benevolence?” It’s that focus on pragmatic details that creates the cool.

Not taking action is a choice! It’s an “action” in itself, and part of . . . a system (just not an effective one). Without taking a good, careful look, we can actually unwittingly be causing the conditions we’re seeking to resolve. To birth the cool, then, we need a comprehensive overview of what’s happening for us, a play by play of how it’s happening and what would play it out differently.

The Four Pillars

Kwan Yin Healing has a system, the Four Pillars: Clarity, Connection, Coherence, and Change. When people get good results, it’s because all four of these are in play effectively. When even one is missing, just as an engine with some of the cylinders misfiring, the results suffer—or are absent entirely. And that’s definitely not cool.

Connection is the coolest—the energy frequency work. But there too, it’s a systemic approach to a person’s energy, rather than, say, sending energy to the knee. It’s like exercise or eating right or yoga—these care for us systemically. And coherence is closely related, but definitely detail-oriented; no point raising a lot of energy if it’s all being scattered instead of focused, and before anything can be focused, the question is “focused on what, exactly?”

And that brings us to the need for clarity. What’s really going on with us? What’s behind it, related to it, ancestral to it? Ever look back on a situation and wonder “Why didn’t I see that coming” only later to realize “Well, I did see it . . . I just didn’t want to see it”? I think most or all of us have at some point. Without clarity, coherence isn’t possible.

The final one is often the first to fall under the Cool Factor’s onslaught—Change. Recognizing and working systems to clearly defined results requires us to make changes. But wait! Can’t some higher force just smite me and make it all better? Actually, that does happen at times—but not usually. Ironically, the first session miracles are generally experienced by clients making more extensive commitments.

This isn’t surprising really—these people are already on a journey, already examining their lives and behavior, and the results reflect that deeper work. That’s why the Kwan Yin Journey is such a comprehensive sweep through energy and vibration, from preparation to the physical, emotional, thought, spirit/intuition, awareness, and then integrating this greater awareness into the realm of the every day for effective manifestation. Powerful. Transformative. But cool as that is, not as mystical as it may seem. It’s a carefully laid-out system.

What systems are in play in your life? How are they working? How might they be tweaked for more desirable results? The time spent taking a careful look and making measurable changes will pay itself back cooler than one might imagine.

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Tim Emerson
Kwan Yin Healing


Epiphany: A Semi-Enlightenment

If you’ve followed Kwan Yin Healing for any length of time, you’ve likely heard that the reason most people don’t get what they want is that they don’t know what it is. This, by necessity, keeps them stuck.

But what DO they want? Really want?

All kinds of psychological theories delve into that question, with all kinds of problems outlined and solutions proposed. But these well-intended (and often well-researched) approaches can miss the real point.

Above all, before anything else, before anything else is on the table:

People want to feel safe, and they want to feel heard, seen, that others “get it.”

Loved and understood, yes, high on the list. But until people feel they are in a safe place to open up, until they feel they will be heard once they do, only then can the process begin.

People want to know, like, and trust before opening up. They need time for a relationship to be built. They aren’t opening up on a whim or on the chance someone is listening.

And that—keeps many people stuck. Without safety, the first steps to freedom are only rarely taken.

The Cycle of Perpetuation

Mark Silver, describing the heart’s transformational journey, puts it this way:

Unfortunately, if you need something, it means you are lacking it. You don’t have it. When you don’t have something, and you take action, then your actions become expressions of this lack. Empty Actions = Empty Results

It’s a simple equation. If your actions are expressions of this lack, then the results your actions produce will also be expressions of this lack. Actions from emptiness create unfulfilling results.

Instead of trying to fix the problem, your doorway to abundance is to be in touch with your essential neediness and lack. If you want to be abundant and successful, you have to come from a place of generosity–not giving away, but a generosity of spirit.

And that’s healing. That’s the antidote for that emptiness inside, that sense of unfulfilled need, that tender, vulnerable spot protected from the outside world—and sometimes even from self. That connection to spirit, oversoul, Source, the Divine, however conscious mind interprets this individually – this is really what we’re craving. That’s also why (1) Change to (2) Clarity around focused (3) Coherence to this (4) Connection are the Four Pillars of Kwan Yin Healing. It’s these four together that realize tangible results.

Co-creation is a metaphor – we aren’t separate.

In fact, that sense of separateness cuts the conscious connection to Source. And Connection, Healing, Well-Being, Thriving, all come from Source.

Why are there so many stories about people hitting rock-bottom before being lifted up? Why is help so long coming? Why can’t miracles come in a more timely fashion?


That protective cocoon keeping us safe from the outside also keeps us trapped inside. People tend to cling to their own ways, even when those ways clearly aren’t working, either not well or not at all. It’s a safety from humility. Only when things turn hopeless do people open up out of desperation and become willing to embrace the miracle. We ourselves keep the solution at bay. We aren’t done trying to make our own way work, and will persist until disaster forces us to change.

The Semi-Enlightenment

Sam Carpenter describes what he calls “gun to the head enlightenment”:

Few people think their problems are a result of personal process failure. Most see their troubles as isolated events, blaming fate, horoscopes, bad luck, karma, God, the devil, neighbors, competitors, family members, the weather, the President, Congress, liberals, conservatives, global warming, too much TV, lack of money, too much money, the educational establishment, or just a world gone bad. And most see problems as overwhelming in number: an onslaught from out there, only to be fended off by superhuman efforts. For many, the excuse/blame list is endless. I had been a card-carrying resident of that camp, but when the new vision engulfed me there was zero chance I would ever live in that place again. I call it semi-enlightenment.

To make this shift is to have Freedom from Fear, to be Truly Loved and Heard and Understood and Acknowledged. Instead of being dragged, let go of the rope. Reach outside of self for better results. Individually, we just have too small a picture. And separateness is a lie – it’s simply not who we are.

The Epiphany?

All is Source. You are Source. Everyone and everything is Source. Love it all—or recognize and remove the blockages you’re creating.

Today is the Feast of the Epiphany, when, in the Christian tradition, the Magi arrive in a simple stable and recognize the child’s connection to Source, the Christ-nature (in the same sense as Buddha-nature).

An Epiphany is a Revelation, a Realization of the Divine. And it’s our natural state. All else is the deception of ego/separateness.

Find contentment where you already are, so you can feel enlivened to continue the journey ahead. And then take the steps needed for your journey, whatever that may be for you.

Tim Emerson
Kwan Yin Healing

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