Manifestation is not the goal – it’s the fruits of something much larger.

How do I get what I want?  How can I reach my goals?  How can I manifest my desires?

Excellent questions, all.  But why is it so difficult to get these energies to work for us?

Good news – it’s not because they aren’t working . . . it’s because we’ve got it backwards.  Manifestation is the fruit…but it’s not the objective.   By focusing on manifestation as objective, we inadvertently miss the mark.  

We are, by nature, creators.  It’s our role as part of the divine. 


In our daily conscious vibration, we are aware of being body, emotion, and mind – the threefold reality of our earthly incarnations.   We work from the level of the mind to bring ideas into the world, and, when melded with purpose and desire from the emotional level, we overcome whatever obstacles necessary to see this take form in physical shape. 

Our souls, too, have a threefold nature.  The “casual body,” really the very highest vibration of the mind, is the lowest part of the soul—it’s where body and soul connect (hence the causation of this vibration).  The “heart” of the soul, most of it, is the Buddhic plane, the level of Intuition, and the highest part of the soul reaches into the Atma, where the divine and divine creation meet.    Note the power of realizing this nature.  The mind—our usual “go-to,” is the lowest part, corresponding in a sense to our lowest chakras and the creation of sexual energy.  Most of the soul is heart/intuition, placed over mind, and the “mind” of the soul come from the divine.    See yourself this way, from the soul level, and already your paradigms and approaches will need to change to meet this new sense of reality.

And the highest vibrations, the Divine?  The highest is pure potentiality.  The middle is the divine spark.  And the lowest is the emergence of form – again, similar and corresponding to the casual body and to sexual creation.   But this is the meaning behind the 333 vibration, the number of ascension and mastery.  We are a threefold creation of a threefold universal totality.  And it all flows from pure potentiality through divine spark into form.  That’s also why Intuition comes in a flash, corresponding to the divine spark.   Literally, what we imagine can come into fruition – and manifestation is indeed the fruits, the child, the end result of recognizing and living in/vibrating to the reality of our divine nature. 

This is reflected too in the Hero’s Journey.  Joseph Campbell notes that the journey is not to escape the ordinary world for the magical world of spirit, but rather to face our challenges and to bring back the Ultimate Boon to share with the Village.  And the highest of ultimate boons is Awareness – the realm of the Atma, or union with the divine.  This is the real nature of manifestation. 

So don’t settle for the status quo.  Don’t bury your desires.  Don’t justify your fears and uncertainties.  For these urges aren’t crazy thoughts or unrealistic dreams – they are urging you to go for them, because this is your unique path to discovering the divine for yourself, and then sharing that unique experience of the divine that only you can have with the rest of us.  This is the point of manifestation.   The fruits come from the union with the divine. 

So be joyous and manifest!

We’re going to talk about this a lot more starting Oct. 20, including practical, actionable steps toward demonstrable results.   I hope you’ll join us — and tell your friends and associates.  They can register here free for this teleseminar and the rest at  You can easily share this on Facebook and more by clicking the share buttons.  Here’s the lineup:

Oct. 20 — Living Abundance (and why this isn’t simply money)
Oct. 22 — Emotional Challenges and Fear
Oct. 24 — Stress, Overwhelm and Uncertainty
Oct. 27 — Finding Peace, Spiritual Growth, and Living this daily in the “Real World”
Oct. 29 — Getting Unstuck and Manifesting your Dreams and Desires
Oct. 31 — If Healing isn’t Magic, Where do I get the Miracle?  The Kwan Yin Path



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