Living Abundance — being time rich in limitless, prosperous love

When we think of abundance, the first thought is often of money.  And abundance includes that–but money is a different vibration than abundance, and the confusion keeps people from realizing either.

Money is a concept, not a thing.  It’s an accounting construct.  It helps quantify value, presenting an effective medium of exchange and a way to store economic wealth.  Like the Zen saying reminds us, “the finger pointing at the moon is not the moon.”  Likewise, money is a measure, not abundance itself.

**Set an intention!   Sounds good, right?**  And it is…but just like spring planting, not if the ground isn’t prepared for that intention to prosper.  Before love can manifest as intention, we need the ability to transform, and even before that, we need an accurate awareness of what’s happening in our lives and minds–which can be quite a challenge.

**Set a specific amount and a specific date!  Also good advice . . . but it’s not the first step.**  That’s a plan…not the goal.  Here’s why.

What is it you want?  More importantly, why do you want it?  If it’s an increase in income, is it to compete, is it for security, is it for travel or a new house, is it to send the kids to college — what is it for you?  Then, whatever your answer, why do you want what you said in your offer?  If you want security — why?  What would that do for you?  If that’s so you can move forward in confidence with your dreams, for example, then in turn, what does that movement do for you?  And whatever that is, what does the new answer do for you–why do you want that?  Keep going…at some point, you’re going to start to see (1) what’s really driving you and (2) that this is your path to anything being possible.  Do it–you’ll see.

Do the same for what you love, and why.  **As adults, we’ve trained ourselves to ask for not what we would love, but for what we believe is possible.**  Consequently, we limit ourselves to a scarcity mindset before we even begin.  And, intention will never work well when it’s not congruent with what we truly love at our core.  Again…you’ll see.  Do it.  Find yourself again.

**Abundance is limitless, not an amount.**  I don’t want a certain number of trees in the forest or stars in the sky — I want to see them without end, countless.  That’s abundance.  Think “river.”  It’s not that a certain amount of water is coming, but that it is continually coming.   If we panic and try to hold it in fear more will never come, we’ll have a flood.  And if we live downstream from scarcity mentality, we’ll have a drought.  Outflow and service is as important as inflow.  So is purpose–if the bank doesn’t limit the waters, we’ll have a swamp instead of a river.

The same is true of resources like time.  **We literally have all the time there is–all of it!**  How cool!  Yet we continually insist it’s a scarce commodity.  It’s not–we just make careless choices.  Lay out your ideal schedule, and then follow it.  Whatever isn’t fitting, you shouldn’t be doing–stop taking on other people’s stuff, learn to delegate effectively, and turn to community instead of being a one-person show.

**Similarly with love–“love is all there is” is literally true, as light, information, love, energy are all the same.**  Reality is made of love.  That we’re even able to disconnect ourselves from feeling it is perversely amazing, and shows the tremendous power of our creative minds–power we can use to more effective ends.

We’re going to talk about this a lot more on Oct. 20, including practical, actionable steps toward demonstrable results.   I hope you’ll join us — and tell your friends and associates.  They can register here free for this teleseminar and the rest at  You can easily share this on Facebook and more by clicking the share buttons.  Here’s the lineup:

Oct. 20 — Living Abundance (and why this isn’t simply money)
Oct. 22 — Emotional Challenges and Fear
Oct. 24 — Stress, Overwhelm and Uncertainty
Oct. 27 — Finding Peace, Spiritual Growth, and Living this daily in the “Real World”
Oct. 29 — Getting Unstuck and Manifesting your Dreams and Desires
Oct. 31 — If Healing isn’t Magic, Where do I get the Miracle?  The Kwan Yin Path


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