“Healer’s Voices” starts Jan. 15!

Where can you have a discussion with other healers, read a variety of guest blog posts, listen to interviews on a range of topics, get a free healing recording ~ all for free? Right here, on the “Healing for Healers” forum: http://www.kwanyinhealing.com/healing-forum.php! And it all starts now:

Jan. 15 — Myriam Haar, from Saint-Martin, practices Reiki and NLP, but she’s really an Awareness Coach, or an Emotional Coach, specializing in helping people post-trauma regain their power and transform experientially. She’ll be answering forum questions all week. See her site and post right now! And in coming weeks:

Jan. 21 — Erik Carlson, of Chelmsford, Massachusetts, will offer an interview and guest blog about integrating breath work into hands-on therapy, prana yama, qi gong, stuck energy, and much more. Quite the store house of knowledge!

Jan. 28 — Marina Ormes, of Eugene, Oregon, will also share an interview about her work with healers through astrology. See her discussion thread on using North and South nodes for evolutionary work. She’ll also share a guest blog.

Feb. 4 — Carla Forsyth, of Transference Healing in Denville, New Jersey, helps people rediscover their ability to self-heal and find mastery and ascension, through a variety of modalities and techniques. Should be an interesting week! She’ll be around to answer forum questions.

Feb. 11 — Carol Ann Barrows, of Bainbridge Island, Washington, is a vocalist and chi gong practitioner. She is generously sharing a self-healing mp3 recording — check this out!

Feb. 18 — James Burkhart, of Marina del Rey, California, is a body worker incorporating Taoist and chakra meditation techniques in his practice–and he markets Amazonian herbs.

Feb. 25 — Lauren Worsh, of Seattle, Washington, will share her thoughts in an interview and a guest blog post on “Sacred Nourishment: Loving Yourself, Trusting Your Body, and Healing Your Relationship with Food.” Be sure to ask her about the Law of Attraction as well on the forum!

March 4 — Shweta Parmar, of Flushing, New York, is an Ayurvedic Practitioner focusing on harmonizing and balancing ourselves not only for health, but also in relation to the Divine Mother and Mother Earth. She’s got quite a fascinating story!

March 11 — And speaking of Divine Compassion . . . this springs us back to Kwan Yin Healing. In March, I’ll present a series of free webinars on practically raising vibration for tangible, manifest results in health and transformation of life path–and some announcements about new programs. Enjoy the series!

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