Healing Perspectives

I did a guest blog and an interview today for Talk Story TV, which features interviews and readings by writers, artists, and healers on its online TV/radio channel.

You can listen to the interview by clicking here.   The blog, “Healing Perspectives,” is below:

Two perspectives hold us back from the healing, health and happiness we deserve.

First, we don’t hold a clear vision of what health means.   We hold a idea of freedom from disease instead—if we aren’t sick, we’re healthy.   But there’s a world of difference among broken, not-broken, and thriving.   How many people get up in the morning feeling rested, grateful, and passionate about what they’re off to do that day, Monday through Sunday?    How many of us are spending that time with the people we really like, the kinds that jazz us up, as well as loved ones?  How many of us are doing the things that renew and sustain us, not just in the corner of a day, week, or year, but daily, even in the work we do?  And how many of us are living for someday, rather then appreciating in joy each moment of beauty?

Truly, even if they manage to remain relatively disease-free, many people aren’t truly living, and we can’t really call this condition “health,” not mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or even physically—just look at the physical posture, facial expression, walk and breathing of such a frazzled creature.  It’s not healthy, and in fact, not infrequently precedes eventual disease.  Contrast this, for example, with health from the view of a shaman, who might ask not about medical symptoms but rather questions like “When did you stop singing?  When did you stop dancing?  When did you stop enjoying stories?”  Notice these too are physical symptoms—singing, dancing, smiling—but they are not only harbingers of illness, but also indicators of perhaps a better term than health:  well-being.

I worked with a client recently who reported her chiropractor was amazed to see that her neck, injured in an auto accident the previous year, had straightened back into place (C1) and that her chronically high blood pressure had dropped to normal.  “Something else,” she told me.  “I found myself singing along with the radio in the car.  I can’t remember the last time I did that.”  Bingo.  Well-being.

When we’re not sneezing, but still living for one day when things will be different, we aren’t healthy, and we need to learn to stop accepting this condition, and especially not as normal.  Our lives are supposed to feel good to us.  Instead, we waste them in embracing mediocrity, instead of insisting on living as we were meant to live, fully, passionately, vibrantly alive.

Second, we don’t understand we are energy, frequency and vibration.  Yes, physics has told us this for over a century.  The technical aspects of this are not only well-known, but well-established as well.  What we perceive as matter is the interaction of vibrating energy frequencies.  It’s all we are—energy, frequency, vibration.   Here, we can look to not only our physical symptoms, but our emotions and thoughts as well.  If we aren’t feeling healthy, happy, peaceful emotions, we aren’t thinking quality thoughts.  Change the thoughts, and the feedback mechanism of the emotions changes with them.  And clarity and coherence of light at the spiritual level is reflected in clear, calm thoughts and emotions.

This is healing.  On one level, it’s as easy as letting go of what’s not working—conditions, emotions, thoughts, spiritual practice…it’s all tuning to different vibrations and frequencies.  Energy flows where attention goes, and when we’re hurt, we focus on the hurt—physically, emotionally, mentally, even spiritually.   Stop.  It’s re-creating the pain.  Instead, let go.  All healing is releasing.  Whether physical pain, emotional, etc., just let it radiate out in all directions.  Try it—the pain will stop.  Feeling mentally overwhelmed?  Stop thinking.  Focus on your heart energy instead.  Feeling spiritually empty?  Construct a daily spiritual practice meaningful to you;  focusing here instead of the emptiness will work wonders day to day.

Focus on wellness, on how a healthy body works and feels, on what emotions you want to feel, on what thoughts you want, on what spiritual condition.  What do you want?  Focus on that—not on continually feeling the lack.  Feel the joy of living your desires in the Now.  You will be happy, whole, peaceful, joyful, balanced—and truly healthy.

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