FREE Informational healing teleseminar replay

***Note:  This blog post originally announced the then forthcoming teleseminar.  You can hear the replay via the same link in the post below.***

FREE Healing Teleseminar – Nov. 11, 2012

What happens now after the October “A Wilderness Hike” daily blog post series is done?  On to the next project—and I’m really excited about it!

Sunday, Nov. 11, 2012, at 1:00 EST, I’m presenting my first ever FREE Informational Teleseminar on Reconnective Healing, The Reconnection, distance healing, and whatever else people want to know.  Registered participants can even post questions ahead of time on a private group Facebook page, so I can be sure I cover what people are wondering.  They can post questions during as well, and afterward, I’ll be checking back for questions that come up after the call too.

Here’s video with addressing a few basic questions for now:

AND….I ALSO have a few surprises in store for folks on the 11th!

To join in—simply Reserve your spot below:

Join the teleseminar

And congrats!   Confirm the email link and you’ll have all the information about access to the call and to the Facebook group.  You’ll also have instructions for joining via Skype, if you’d like to do that.

So you’re all welcome!  Please help spread the word—I’d appreciate that.  I’d love to see all sorts of people with questions or curiosity join in and ask away.  And Free is one of the very best prices available!   😉

And check this out—Minnesota Public Radio is among the media outlets that picked up my press release!