So much of what occupies our days and thoughts are simply outer things passing by.  Time hiking in the wilderness allows what you’d think should be obvious to us to become gradually apparent.  What’s left is the inner—and ironically, most of us have very little idea what lies inside us.

I’ve been blessed from time to time with seeing the true innermost being of people close to me.  As a healer, I see people’s highest selves when working in their energy.  It’s very humbling.  I used to think that it’s a pity people don’t show others their higher selves…then it occurred to me to wonder this about myself.   Did I know my own energy?  My highest self?  That beautiful vision inside I’d seen of others?  And do I show that to others?  I realized I had work to do.

A mentor once explained overcoming character defects as a process of removing layers of debris so that the better qualities could grow up through.  I love that.  It speaks to a life not of self-criticism, but of constant growth and discovery.  It’s a transcendence.  It’s also not a “doing,” but an allowing.  We worry so much typically about what’s the right thing to do, or are we attracting the right things, or why aren’t we attracting what we’d like.

In the quiet and calm space of a wilderness hike, I can start to focus instead on being.  Not whether I’m doing the right things, or being attractive, or manifesting the right dreams, but simply what I am.  Seeing the inner beauty that I’ve seen in others.  Letting that light speak for itself.  Allowing what is to grow and flourish.  When I do, it feels like a continual cocoon, with the outer layers falling away, the inner light growing and expanding.

What happens becomes immaterial—it’s the outer debris falling away.  I remember to look to the divine—the source of that inner light and growth.  This is how the natural world grows, yes?  Gradually, continually, shedding the outdated, growing outward from within.  Not striving, not worrying, unconcerned, just being.  And in so doing, ever expanding and renewing.

Once in that space, however, it’s hard to imagine how we could ever get away from this.  How did we get so far from our own nature?  That’s the power of mind.  And if it can bring us so far separate from what we truly are, imagine what it could do if used positively instead.

I’ve heard it said that the five closest people to us are who we are becoming.  I think that’s true of where we hang out as well.  Sometimes we just outgrow where we used to feel comfortable—not necessarily as a negative rejection, but rather simply as no longer a fit.  I think the wilderness serves this purpose as well.  By hanging out in that purer, clearer, unclouded mirror, we gradually begin to clear as well.

When we do, our true inner selves can shine.

Growth springs from within, though we often look for it from without.


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October 2012 is a series of daily posts about “A Wilderness Hike,” taking readers through the healing of wilderness experience and glimpses of my work at Kwan Yin Healing and of my book, “Getting Unstuck.”

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