Attracting the Law of Attraction

“Ask and it will be given.”    ~ Matthew 7:7;  Luke 11:9

Sounds great!  Place your request, and await delivery!  Awesome!

So, as Abraham might characterize — “Where’s my stuff?”

Why isn’t the Law of Attraction working for you?

Well, actually—it is working.  Much like a computer, what you get out depends on what you typed in.  The computer certainly could  have produced what you wanted—but instead, it produced not  want you wanted, but what you asked for, whether you realized that or not.  This is the key problem with the Law of Attraction.  It gives you what you’re thinking about, manifesting your area of focus, not necessarily your dreams.

Most people focus heavily on what they don’t want instead of what they do want.  We complain.  We wait in blissful stasis until something happens we don’t like, and then move in to swoop down upon the problem.  All very rational on the face of it.  But the consequence is a pattern of reaction, and not at all a focus on what we do want.

So we don’t put our attention on the income we want;  we worry about the lack of income we perceive.  We don’t focus on the endearing qualities of a romantic partner;  we stew over perceived faults and shortcomings.   And instead of enjoying that beautiful breath of fresh air in the morning and the delicious feeling of our muscles as we stretch, we focus on the aches and pains and slight sense of a cold coming on and bemoan that—as we see it—we’re falling apart day by day.

Watch a small group of people discussing their health.  “Oh, I have this ache or this pain,” one will say.  “Oh, that’s nothing!  You should see what happened to my arm!” another will retort.  “Well, let me tell you both what happened to me!” chimes in a third, and on it goes, until whomever is the most ill wins.  Seriously!  It’s a contest to see whom is worse off—and people want to win it!

Or perhaps they discuss their day, or their week.  “I can’t believe what happened,” it starts.  “Well, the other day, this happened,” followed by “Yeah, well let me tell you!” and again, whoever had the worst time, the worst luck, the worst experience—is the winner, and again, people compete vigorously for the prize, their pride at stake.

Does that make sense to you?  Does that seem right?  Does that seem wise?  Why would people want to ensure they are worse off?

“Tell a different story,” we hear from Abraham.  STOP telling the old story.

Eliminate the complaints.  Go on a 30 day complaint-free journey—literally, catch yourself and stop ALL complaints, on any subject, for any reason.  No complaining, about anything.

Replace complaining with gratitude.  This is different than mere acceptance.  Truly look around and see what there is to appreciate.  Even if it’s just a nice shade of blue.  Something, anything.  Build a new habit.

Be so busy appreciating what you have that you’re content to wait for what’s coming…and be excited about both what you have and what will one day be.

My companion Shanti appreciating a break after scrambling up Dix Mountain
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33 thoughts on “Attracting the Law of Attraction

  1. This was one of the ways I increased my positivity… stop complaining about the aches and pains.. not only in my body but those in my life, too. I used to be one to write about a cold coming on — I’m not completely cured about writing of my ailments on my Facebook status; but I am much more aware of what I put out there stays or comes back to me.
    Enjoyed your take on LOA.

    • Peggy, I’ll be putting together a self-healing pdf in a few months, but yes, one of the main approaches is to see the health, not the illness. Cold symptoms are, after all, the body doing its job! I have found that from the first hint of a cold to leaving it behind can take as little as three days. With proper rest, nutrition, of course as well.

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