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Tim Emerson
Kwan Yin Healing

Good news! The problem may not be what you think.

When the problem is not the problem

The number one reason people come to Kwan Yin Healing is that they are stuck in some way – career, health, life direction, fulfillment, something. And, not surprisingly—they experience no small amount of frustration and even resignation as a result. Often they’ve tried reasonable approaches already, only to remain stuck.   They’re looking for answers.

When we’re truly stuck, it’s because we don’t know what the real problem is. Because if this were the real problem, it would already be in the process of solution, at least in the long term. By definition really—they’ve already applied what seemed like reasonable approaches, but without success. It’s a sure sign they’re solving the wrong problem.


It’s a tangent.   A distraction.   Misdirection.   We’re looking in the wrong place. But because we don’t know that, we turn from ourselves to outside sources as the blockage, spending our mental energy on excuses, blame, and justification.   That’s all very natural and very human. And when we do this—now we’re good and stuck.

We typically believe we use our reason to evaluate options and make choices. That’s not really true, though.   Reality is, we tend to make decisions for emotional reasons. It’s our emotions that express motion (e-motion) and move us into physical expression.   Our minds then justify those decisions after the fact, telling ourselves the justification we construct was the reason for the action.   That’s hard to see, but truly, we react far more than we consciously act.

That justification grandfathers in our interpretation.   It is now, for us, concrete reality.   It’s just how things are.   And viola! From discomfort, with a little reaction and justification, a comfort zone is born.   And enshrined. Except that it’s a fiction – and we are its authors.

That’s we’re stuck. And that’s why we’re staying stuck.

The Discomfort Zone

It’s a hard concept to challenge. As Abraham puts it, a belief is just a thought we continue to think. Put another way, the thoughts we continue to hold become beliefs. So what started as justification for an emotional reaction is now elevated to a belief, a tenet, a principle.   Except that we made it up. It doesn’t really exist. There’s really no such truth. Our comfortable world of certainty was never real except in our heads. And we don’t like people messing with our heads.

But when the world doesn’t match our fiction, we know something is wrong. Since it can’t be *us* — because our beliefs, of course, are the “true” ones – it must be the “Others.”   The bosses, the politicians, the teachers, the neighbors, the relatives, the economy, the system, the society today…that’s what’s keeping us down – right?


As long as we cling to the beliefs of our comfort zone, yes. So we stay stuck.

Joseph Campbell was right. We can’t stay here.   This is not were the magic happens.

A Vision of Clarity

So how do we climb out of this morass?

Begin with this understanding – there’s a difference between a problem that’s in the process of solution, however gradual, and a problem that’s seemingly insolvable.   The first is natural – life unfolding. Time takes time. But the second is a red flag—it’s not in process, and has no apparent solution because it isn’t really the problem. (short of fixing everybody else, which just isn’t realistic – you’d need to be all knowing and always right…hard to pull off)

Awareness is the first step. Recognize, when something is insolvable, that you’re looking at the wrong problem. Find the real problem.   Let go of the fictional one, however well entrenched.   Excuses and blame are red flags as well—irrelevant misdirection (however awful the targets of your ire may be).

Then find your right path. What do you want, really? OK, to pay the bills perhaps, but what would paying the bills do for you? What would open up for you then?   What do you love? Where’s your bliss? What dreams have you long suppressed in the name of your fictional reality? How might the essence of those be in your life not someday, but now? What’s beyond this current fog your obstacles are kicking up?

Most people, honestly, have no idea what’s really driving them. And that makes positive manifestation difficult.


Reality from Source

Let’s take a common one – Money as a manifestation. This is a classic problem vs. reality issue.   Money is not a source – it’s a means. It’s a result of the manifestation, not the real manifestation. That’s why so many people struggle with it, while others seem to float above this problem.   They’re trying to solve the wrong problem.

Thoughts and feelings and consciousness of the Divine are the supply – it’s what creates the money.   And those thoughts and feelings and consciousness need to be not about the money, but about the Divine as Source. That’s the real energy (it’s why we call it “Source”).   Imagine a hose—it delivers the water, but it is not the water itself. Without a water source, a hose isn’t much use.   You don’t need a money hose; you need a Divine water supply.

Another piece of this misunderstanding is the concept of karma. Karma is not justice, reward, or punishment, but fulfillment–every desire comes to fruition, even if that takes many lives. And that desire comes as complete packages, all the things that go with it, anticipated and wanted or not. So our actions appear to come back.

And that manifestation is instantaneous. As long as we believe it’s “coming,” then it’s still coming. My first blog post featured Chinese doctors healing tumors in real time. How, by focusing on how it’s already healed. I often encourage my healing clients to see themselves as healthy—it strengthens the body’s healing power, rather than re-manifesting the problem.

Then why do people struggle with this seemingly miraculous process?

The Divine gets the credit.   Humility.   “We” don’t master anything – we simply connect to the Divine, and the accomplishments are not our own.   And the purpose is not to achieve what we started seeking – rather, that purpose served the purpose of getting us to seek Source.   The real reward is that connection. Can you imagine? 24/7, feeling one with Source, knowing every need was met, in the moment, already done?

In Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, the Hero is indeed transformed. But the ultimate point of the journey is the Elixir brought back to the Village.   Reconnective Healing brings us back into effective connection with Source.

And damn – ain’t that what we should be seeking all along?

Free session heads up

Last month I shared with my email list a new Home Version of the Kwan Yin Journey at a special rate for you, my tribe.

But 11 week journeys still cost a chunk of change, and people are often still stuck back at step one.   How can one get going while still struggling day to day?

In April, I’ll be offering a limited number of no-cost consultations for exactly this purpose.

You’ll gain a new clarity and lay out a practical plan for moving forward. There’s hope. In fact, there’s real change waiting just from the free session.   Sure, taking the full program is going to offer far more depth and transformation. But let’s get you started.

So look for this.   If a couple of your friends might benefit from these sessions, have them sign up (they’ll get the Six Sessions bonus when they do) so they get the announcement in a week or two.   And if it’s a good fit for you too, be ready to jump on it! I can only do so many with a cramped calendar, but I’ll try to see everyone interested gets some benefit.

Coming soon!


Tim Emerson
Kwan Yin Healing



Vulnerability – the key to healing and success

In January, I wrote about the need to be heard as a means of connection to Source, and then how making systems visible brings the Cool to life.   Both of these points touch on today’s topic—the need to be vulnerable. 

It’s not our natural impulse.  I remember when my German shepherd was old and arthritic, and her hips would just give out at times.  I had to literally walk the rows of my 2,000 trees to find her each time, because she would not bark or cry out—if you’re injured in nature, you don’t advertise your vulnerability!   But you also don’t get help.  

And that’s the reality of getting help—we first must be vulnerable.   We have to let the plumber into the messy basement to fix the pipes.   We have to show the accountant the disaster our records have become.  And the doctor makes you strip (!), and then prods you where it hurts. 

Vulnerability.  We have to admit that we aren’t in control after all, that we haven’t managed the situation well, and that we’re unable to proceed well without help.   In fact, that’s the Latin root of the word…it means literally “wounded-ability.”  

And there’s the problem for healing.  When we need it – we don’t ask for it.

One of my closest friends recently had a horrible bout of the flu.  Three weeks worth.   Borderline go to the hospital sick.   Now, she calls me periodically to ask for healing help for friends and family, and that has all gone swimmingly.  So why not this time, when it was so badly needed?  Simple.  She was vulnerable.  In bed, head pounding, trouble breathing, constant coughing, sheer exhaustion, too fatigued to get up vulnerable.   [Not to worry—I found out and brought not only healing but also healthy meals and supplies—including Kleenex!  All better now.]

OK, to be fair, the poor girl could barely get out of bed.  But you get my point.

Instead, we’re used to self-reliance.  We deal with it.   Or so we think. 

But we don’t deal with it.  It isn’t handled, at all.  It’s just tolerated…so it continues.   We just get used to it, and tell ourselves a story for the benefit of our ego.   Western culture especially enshrines independence.   Do it yourself.  

How is that working out?  Self-help books sell billions each year.   And most of them…are never read. 

So what turns us to ask for help?

A crisis.   Reality finally forces itself upon us.   The pipes burst.  The taxes are due.  The pain becomes debilitating (or at least distracting enough or nagging enough to want it to stop).   Why do miracles come at the last possible second?  Until then, our egos are still hoping to turn it around without help.

But we don’t have to employ crisis management.  We aren’t creatures stranded in the wild. 

Each of us is inherently vulnerable.  We have limits.  Our health, our abilities, our available and time and resources—reality is, we can’t do it alone.

Recognizing and embracing vulnerability is what opens us to change, to new possibilities, to a new life, full of what we previously were lacking.  It’s the first step.  And it’s a crucial for success.  

Like baby birds, we have to open our mouths if we want to be fed.    Eventually—they will learn to fly.

Do your friends need help with any these?

▪ Living Abundance (and why this isn’t simply money)
▪ Emotional Challenges and Fear
▪ Stress, Overwhelm and Uncertainty
▪ Finding Peace, Spiritual Growth, and Living this daily in the “Real World”
▪ Getting Unstuck and Manifesting your Dreams and Desires
▪ If Healing isn’t Magic, Where do I get the Miracle? The Kwan Yin Path

…and a bonus, “Twenty Truths,” an overview of the key concepts in the previous six sessions.

Send them to http://kwanyinhealing.com to sign up for the free sessions Six Days, http://www.kwanyinhealing.com/six-days.php, and they’ll start receiving this information as well.

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The Cool Factor (and how it hurts healing)

There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.
—Douglas Everett

Well, first, there’s nothing wrong with cool. In fact, fun and wonder and excitement are important, even healing in themselves.

So what’s the problem? Cool is great when it’s serendipitous. But when we’re seeking solutions, cool isn’t enough—we need systems to manifest it.

Consider a studio musician. I’ve been a part of creating these amazing experiences. Totally fun, right? Well, it has its fun part, but most of it—*most* of it—is a lot of tedious time dealing with acoustics and electronics and mixes and balances and such details. The music part is a small part of this. But it’s all necessary to create that awesome end product.

Or gardening…nicely producing trees, vines, plants and so forth are great—I love going outside and just picking a peach or a plum or a head of broccoli—but that only comes after site and soil preparation, seed starting, transplanting, water and fertilizer, weather and pest protection (rabbits destroyed my first orchard one winter), followed by timely harvest and effective storage. And that doesn’t all happen without a thought-out system.

Or in short, systems are what make cool happen. Often people turn to healing as if a magic cure—just wave your hands and make all the problems vanish, just like that. Well, sometimes it does seem to happen like that—but in reality (just like the seemingly effortless music performance or the produce just readily available), it comes as the result of systemic practice.

As Mark Silver puts it, “My experience of spiritual healing is that you can have a lot of really nice feelings in the heart, warm fuzzies, but your life doesn’t change if the healing doesn’t come all the way down to the nitty-gritty details.” That’s my experience too. If you want more than warm fuzzies, you’ll need systems.

Make Systems Visible

We do not so much look at things as overlook them.
—Zen proverb

In his book “Work the System,” Sam Carpenter notes “The reality is that most people look for better results without considering the mechanisms that would produce those results.” So the first step is making systems visible, so we can examine and manage them. Sounds simple enough, but so profound a shift that Carpenter calls it “a mini-enlightenment.”

The trouble, though, is this totally kills the cool factor. It de-mystifies things. The metaphysical becomes tangible. What was complex consternation is now strategic certainty. But this sudden stone-cold reality is . . . well . . . a bit boring. It’s dull. What happened to the magic?

Well, just as for the musician and the farmer, the magic is in the fruits of all that attention to detail, carefully and organically organized. As Carpenter explains it, “The odds of getting what you want are infinitely higher than waiting for a ghost to communicate good tidings, a horoscope or tarot card to predict a prosperous future, or a multimillion-dollar lottery winning to land in your lap. Be mechanical. Can you imagine how you will feel as you watch yourself get a grip on life and create what you want due to your own actions, not because of improbable fate, magic, dumb luck, or someone else’s benevolence?” It’s that focus on pragmatic details that creates the cool.

Not taking action is a choice! It’s an “action” in itself, and part of . . . a system (just not an effective one). Without taking a good, careful look, we can actually unwittingly be causing the conditions we’re seeking to resolve. To birth the cool, then, we need a comprehensive overview of what’s happening for us, a play by play of how it’s happening and what would play it out differently.

The Four Pillars

Kwan Yin Healing has a system, the Four Pillars: Clarity, Connection, Coherence, and Change. When people get good results, it’s because all four of these are in play effectively. When even one is missing, just as an engine with some of the cylinders misfiring, the results suffer—or are absent entirely. And that’s definitely not cool.

Connection is the coolest—the energy frequency work. But there too, it’s a systemic approach to a person’s energy, rather than, say, sending energy to the knee. It’s like exercise or eating right or yoga—these care for us systemically. And coherence is closely related, but definitely detail-oriented; no point raising a lot of energy if it’s all being scattered instead of focused, and before anything can be focused, the question is “focused on what, exactly?”

And that brings us to the need for clarity. What’s really going on with us? What’s behind it, related to it, ancestral to it? Ever look back on a situation and wonder “Why didn’t I see that coming” only later to realize “Well, I did see it . . . I just didn’t want to see it”? I think most or all of us have at some point. Without clarity, coherence isn’t possible.

The final one is often the first to fall under the Cool Factor’s onslaught—Change. Recognizing and working systems to clearly defined results requires us to make changes. But wait! Can’t some higher force just smite me and make it all better? Actually, that does happen at times—but not usually. Ironically, the first session miracles are generally experienced by clients making more extensive commitments.

This isn’t surprising really—these people are already on a journey, already examining their lives and behavior, and the results reflect that deeper work. That’s why the Kwan Yin Journey is such a comprehensive sweep through energy and vibration, from preparation to the physical, emotional, thought, spirit/intuition, awareness, and then integrating this greater awareness into the realm of the every day for effective manifestation. Powerful. Transformative. But cool as that is, not as mystical as it may seem. It’s a carefully laid-out system.

What systems are in play in your life? How are they working? How might they be tweaked for more desirable results? The time spent taking a careful look and making measurable changes will pay itself back cooler than one might imagine.

By the way, a Healing Journey similar to the life path Kwan Yin Journey is under construction, and will be unveiled later this year. Heads up! More as we get closer.

And if you’d like to get started on your journey, you can do so immediately with the free Kwan Yin Path, seven hours of free content available at http://www.kwanyinhealing.com/six-days.php — enjoy!

P.S. – for practitioners in Central New York State

We’re starting a Syracuse chapter (which means between Buffalo and Manhattan, so all of central NY) of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce.   I’m the newly anointed President. 

So everyone – please spread the word.  The Chapter’s Home Page can be found at http://www.holisticchamberofcommerce.com/syracuse, including an informational video, information on how to join, and more.  Enjoy!


Tim Emerson
Kwan Yin Healing


Epiphany: A Semi-Enlightenment

If you’ve followed Kwan Yin Healing for any length of time, you’ve likely heard that the reason most people don’t get what they want is that they don’t know what it is. This, by necessity, keeps them stuck.

But what DO they want? Really want?

All kinds of psychological theories delve into that question, with all kinds of problems outlined and solutions proposed. But these well-intended (and often well-researched) approaches can miss the real point.

Above all, before anything else, before anything else is on the table:

People want to feel safe, and they want to feel heard, seen, that others “get it.”

Loved and understood, yes, high on the list. But until people feel they are in a safe place to open up, until they feel they will be heard once they do, only then can the process begin.

People want to know, like, and trust before opening up. They need time for a relationship to be built. They aren’t opening up on a whim or on the chance someone is listening.

And that—keeps many people stuck. Without safety, the first steps to freedom are only rarely taken.

The Cycle of Perpetuation

Mark Silver, describing the heart’s transformational journey, puts it this way:

Unfortunately, if you need something, it means you are lacking it. You don’t have it. When you don’t have something, and you take action, then your actions become expressions of this lack. Empty Actions = Empty Results

It’s a simple equation. If your actions are expressions of this lack, then the results your actions produce will also be expressions of this lack. Actions from emptiness create unfulfilling results.

Instead of trying to fix the problem, your doorway to abundance is to be in touch with your essential neediness and lack. If you want to be abundant and successful, you have to come from a place of generosity–not giving away, but a generosity of spirit.

And that’s healing. That’s the antidote for that emptiness inside, that sense of unfulfilled need, that tender, vulnerable spot protected from the outside world—and sometimes even from self. That connection to spirit, oversoul, Source, the Divine, however conscious mind interprets this individually – this is really what we’re craving. That’s also why (1) Change to (2) Clarity around focused (3) Coherence to this (4) Connection are the Four Pillars of Kwan Yin Healing. It’s these four together that realize tangible results.

Co-creation is a metaphor – we aren’t separate.

In fact, that sense of separateness cuts the conscious connection to Source. And Connection, Healing, Well-Being, Thriving, all come from Source.

Why are there so many stories about people hitting rock-bottom before being lifted up? Why is help so long coming? Why can’t miracles come in a more timely fashion?


That protective cocoon keeping us safe from the outside also keeps us trapped inside. People tend to cling to their own ways, even when those ways clearly aren’t working, either not well or not at all. It’s a safety from humility. Only when things turn hopeless do people open up out of desperation and become willing to embrace the miracle. We ourselves keep the solution at bay. We aren’t done trying to make our own way work, and will persist until disaster forces us to change.

The Semi-Enlightenment

Sam Carpenter describes what he calls “gun to the head enlightenment”:

Few people think their problems are a result of personal process failure. Most see their troubles as isolated events, blaming fate, horoscopes, bad luck, karma, God, the devil, neighbors, competitors, family members, the weather, the President, Congress, liberals, conservatives, global warming, too much TV, lack of money, too much money, the educational establishment, or just a world gone bad. And most see problems as overwhelming in number: an onslaught from out there, only to be fended off by superhuman efforts. For many, the excuse/blame list is endless. I had been a card-carrying resident of that camp, but when the new vision engulfed me there was zero chance I would ever live in that place again. I call it semi-enlightenment.

To make this shift is to have Freedom from Fear, to be Truly Loved and Heard and Understood and Acknowledged. Instead of being dragged, let go of the rope. Reach outside of self for better results. Individually, we just have too small a picture. And separateness is a lie – it’s simply not who we are.

The Epiphany?

All is Source. You are Source. Everyone and everything is Source. Love it all—or recognize and remove the blockages you’re creating.

Today is the Feast of the Epiphany, when, in the Christian tradition, the Magi arrive in a simple stable and recognize the child’s connection to Source, the Christ-nature (in the same sense as Buddha-nature).

An Epiphany is a Revelation, a Realization of the Divine. And it’s our natural state. All else is the deception of ego/separateness.

Find contentment where you already are, so you can feel enlivened to continue the journey ahead. And then take the steps needed for your journey, whatever that may be for you.

Tim Emerson
Kwan Yin Healing

P.S. Sign up for the free starter kit, The Kwan Yin Path, at http://kwanyinhealing.com/six-days.php — and Enjoy!


Manifestation is not the goal – it’s the fruits of something much larger.

How do I get what I want?  How can I reach my goals?  How can I manifest my desires?

Excellent questions, all.  But why is it so difficult to get these energies to work for us?

Good news – it’s not because they aren’t working . . . it’s because we’ve got it backwards.  Manifestation is the fruit…but it’s not the objective.   By focusing on manifestation as objective, we inadvertently miss the mark.  

We are, by nature, creators.  It’s our role as part of the divine. 


In our daily conscious vibration, we are aware of being body, emotion, and mind – the threefold reality of our earthly incarnations.   We work from the level of the mind to bring ideas into the world, and, when melded with purpose and desire from the emotional level, we overcome whatever obstacles necessary to see this take form in physical shape. 

Our souls, too, have a threefold nature.  The “casual body,” really the very highest vibration of the mind, is the lowest part of the soul—it’s where body and soul connect (hence the causation of this vibration).  The “heart” of the soul, most of it, is the Buddhic plane, the level of Intuition, and the highest part of the soul reaches into the Atma, where the divine and divine creation meet.    Note the power of realizing this nature.  The mind—our usual “go-to,” is the lowest part, corresponding in a sense to our lowest chakras and the creation of sexual energy.  Most of the soul is heart/intuition, placed over mind, and the “mind” of the soul come from the divine.    See yourself this way, from the soul level, and already your paradigms and approaches will need to change to meet this new sense of reality.

And the highest vibrations, the Divine?  The highest is pure potentiality.  The middle is the divine spark.  And the lowest is the emergence of form – again, similar and corresponding to the casual body and to sexual creation.   But this is the meaning behind the 333 vibration, the number of ascension and mastery.  We are a threefold creation of a threefold universal totality.  And it all flows from pure potentiality through divine spark into form.  That’s also why Intuition comes in a flash, corresponding to the divine spark.   Literally, what we imagine can come into fruition – and manifestation is indeed the fruits, the child, the end result of recognizing and living in/vibrating to the reality of our divine nature. 

This is reflected too in the Hero’s Journey.  Joseph Campbell notes that the journey is not to escape the ordinary world for the magical world of spirit, but rather to face our challenges and to bring back the Ultimate Boon to share with the Village.  And the highest of ultimate boons is Awareness – the realm of the Atma, or union with the divine.  This is the real nature of manifestation. 

So don’t settle for the status quo.  Don’t bury your desires.  Don’t justify your fears and uncertainties.  For these urges aren’t crazy thoughts or unrealistic dreams – they are urging you to go for them, because this is your unique path to discovering the divine for yourself, and then sharing that unique experience of the divine that only you can have with the rest of us.  This is the point of manifestation.   The fruits come from the union with the divine. 

So be joyous and manifest!

We’re going to talk about this a lot more starting Oct. 20, including practical, actionable steps toward demonstrable results.   I hope you’ll join us — and tell your friends and associates.  They can register here free for this teleseminar and the rest at http://kwanyinhealing.com/six-days.php.  You can easily share this on Facebook and more by clicking the share buttons.  Here’s the lineup:

Oct. 20 — Living Abundance (and why this isn’t simply money)
Oct. 22 — Emotional Challenges and Fear
Oct. 24 — Stress, Overwhelm and Uncertainty
Oct. 27 — Finding Peace, Spiritual Growth, and Living this daily in the “Real World”
Oct. 29 — Getting Unstuck and Manifesting your Dreams and Desires
Oct. 31 — If Healing isn’t Magic, Where do I get the Miracle?  The Kwan Yin Path



Moving past Stress and Overwhelm

When we feel overwhelmed, we need to understand that overwhelmed is a feeling, and feelings can be changed by changing our paradigms.

“I’m just overwhelmed!”
“All I do is work!”
“Something’s gotta give!”

Any of that sound familiar? You’re not alone.

I. The first and most important point is that “overwhelmed” is not a situation. It is not just how things are. No. It’s a feeling. You are feeling overwhelmed. Perhaps for good reason–but it’s still a feeling, not an objective reality. And feelings can be changed–if you want to change them. Why “if”? Because often people like to feel overwhelmed. No, overwhelmed is not a nice feeling, but being overwhelmed often gives people a sense of importance, a work ethic, an identify. And that they like. I know people, and you do too, who would find a way to be frazzled if living in luxury on a Pacific island. Overwhelmed is a feeling, and if you want, feelings can be changed.

II. Next come three areas commonly ignored, three areas to stop and examine.

1) Stop trying to do everything yourself.

Ego, pride, embarrassment, and probably a few other emotions commonly stand in the way of this simple and frankly obvious point. You are not, whatever you try to tell yourself, the only one who can do what you’re trying to do. Stop going it alone. Whether lending a hand, or offering advice, or even just encouragement or camaraderie, an ear to listen…let other people help you. In fact, ask them to help you. And if you just don’t want to, face up to the reality that you’ve not overwhelmed, but stubborn. Forget the lone wolf argument–people are social creatures, and interaction with each other is how we are wired. Even people like me and you, who like our quiet alone time. Let others help you–they will be delighted.

2) Stop trying to control everything.

Or put another way, instead of asking yourself “What should I do about this?” ask yourself “Why do I have to do anything?” The Universe will continue without your aid. People will still breathe in and out. The sun will still rise and set. You are not the Boss of Everything. Let it go. Life will become so much easier, and run so much more smoothly, when you simply allow it to do so. Life existed before your arrival, and will continue when you’re gone.

I love the beginning of Ken Blanchard and Spenser Johnson’s “The One Minute Manager”: Typically, a manager is seen as someone torn in multiple directions, finger on every pulse, but a good manager is standing around the office with little to do–because everything is running smoothly without the manager’s immediate input. We tend to think of “making” things happen, by force. Instead, allow things to happen.

3) Stop taking on too much.

This ain’t rocket science. If you’re feeling overwhelmed because you have too much to do, you’re taking on too many things. Duh. Stop it.

Sure, I get that there’s a lot to do, and that a lot of it is important. But it makes no sense to daily plan what can’t possibly happen and then beat yourself up for not accomplishing what had no chance of getting down from the start.

If you’re doing too many things, do fewer things. Prioritize. If that means less than you want to do, fine. But decide which to do and do it, and feel glad of a good day’s work.

Remember–overwhelmed is a feeling; you at least will stop feeling overwhelmed.

III. And finally, there’s a difference between time management and getting unstuck from what we’re managing.

First, time management. Lots of help available here. Probably at the top of the list is Stephen Covey’s approach, laid out in his book First Things First. This, however, is far more than allocating the 168 hours of each week into the various pieces that make up your time life.

Covey suggests turning first not to the clock, but to the compass, that is, not to juggling minutes, but considering principles. Where do you want to go? What are your objectives? What is important to you in this life? Those are your organizing principles. Thus, your “big rocks” get placed first, then medium rocks, then smaller rocks, then pebbles, then sand. But don’t let a sandstorm keep you from getting to the big rocks. The important things–like relationships, or your children, or someone who needs help–take precedence.

OK, that’s an important start–but you’re still left with only so many hours in the day.

You need a paradigm shift.

Six Days, Six Sessions, Six Paradigm Shifts

I see a lot of people, through my website, Facebook, YouTube, referrals, introductions and so forth, and I see many of them struggling with exactly the same six blockages — these six sessions topics. Watching this is painful. I want to help. Kwan Yin Healing has a mission, sharing that life is supposed to be happy, healthy, fulfilled, and not someday, but now, today. You need only learn how.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Oct. 20 — Living Abundance (and why this isn’t simply money)
Oct. 22 — Emotional Challenges and Fear
Oct. 24 — Stress, Overwhelm and Uncertainty
Oct. 27 — Finding Peace, Spiritual Growth, and Living this daily in the “Real World”
Oct. 29 — Getting Unstuck and Manifesting your Dreams and Desires
Oct. 31 — If Healing isn’t Magic, Where do I get the Miracle? The Kwan Yin Path

Each of these are at 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time, roughly 60 minutes.

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Listen to your Heart — but How?

Our emotions are mirrors of what we’re thinking and attracting in each moment.

As such, these emotions are useful indicators, a feedback loop showing just where we’re stuck and why.

Once we get that we are not our thoughts, we can understand our emotions as the feedback mechanism reflecting our thoughts, but even once we wrap our heads around that concept (ironically trying to understand a larger world than our heads with must our heads), we still are likely to have trouble separating ourselves from our emotions. E-motions—emissions that move us to action (or at least responses)—seem to be much more than that.

This crazy guy again, with a short video about Emotional Challenges and Fear–click image to play.

We can understand our physical pain, as in placing a hand on a hot stove, is not us, but something we experience as important feedback. That’s a harder distinction, however, when that feedback is continual. People in chronic pain, for example, often struggle to remember that they have pain, and not that the pain has them.

The same is true of emotional feelings—they are feedback. But it’s damn hard to take an objective view of a difficult emotional time while living through it at the time. Still, to the degree we can recognize that challenging emotions are reflections of poorer quality thoughts, we begin to have the tools to address these tough emotions with better thoughts creating better quality emotions. When we feed our bodies poor quality food, we don’t feel as well. When we feed our psyches with poor quality thoughts, likewise, we aren’t going to experience good feelings.

We understand from meditation that we can find peace amid our thoughts; we sit quietly, let the mind come to rest, and slowly calm the mental turmoil–yet we have tremendous difficulty doing this emotionally. Try this—do a heart “meditation.” Forget about the mind; sit quietly with your heart energy, and let it grow calm. Don’t think about it or “listen” for messages—that’s going back to thinking about it. Just let it be still, and just be. It’s a powerful refocusing. Your whole body energy will shift noticeably, and you’ll find distance from what had seemed sticky emotional trials.

Let the heart come to rest, and feed yourself better thoughts; at first, the negative emotions will continue to taint the results. . .but keep at it—gardens don’t grown abruptly. Keep pursuing better feeling thoughts, and gradually you’ll find yourself in a better emotional state.

Six Days, Six Sessions, Six Seeds for Success: The Kwan Yin Path

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Oct. 20 — Living Abundance (and why this isn’t simply money)
Oct. 22 — Emotional Challenges and Fear
Oct. 24 — Stress, Overwhelm and Uncertainty
Oct. 27 — Finding Peace, Spiritual Growth, and Living this daily in the “Real World”
Oct. 29 — Getting Unstuck and Manifesting your Dreams and Desires
Oct. 31 — If Healing isn’t Magic, Where do I get the Miracle? The Kwan Yin Path

Each of these are at 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time, roughly 60 minutes.

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Living Abundance — being time rich in limitless, prosperous love

When we think of abundance, the first thought is often of money.  And abundance includes that–but money is a different vibration than abundance, and the confusion keeps people from realizing either.

Money is a concept, not a thing.  It’s an accounting construct.  It helps quantify value, presenting an effective medium of exchange and a way to store economic wealth.  Like the Zen saying reminds us, “the finger pointing at the moon is not the moon.”  Likewise, money is a measure, not abundance itself.

**Set an intention!   Sounds good, right?**  And it is…but just like spring planting, not if the ground isn’t prepared for that intention to prosper.  Before love can manifest as intention, we need the ability to transform, and even before that, we need an accurate awareness of what’s happening in our lives and minds–which can be quite a challenge.

**Set a specific amount and a specific date!  Also good advice . . . but it’s not the first step.**  That’s a plan…not the goal.  Here’s why.

What is it you want?  More importantly, why do you want it?  If it’s an increase in income, is it to compete, is it for security, is it for travel or a new house, is it to send the kids to college — what is it for you?  Then, whatever your answer, why do you want what you said in your offer?  If you want security — why?  What would that do for you?  If that’s so you can move forward in confidence with your dreams, for example, then in turn, what does that movement do for you?  And whatever that is, what does the new answer do for you–why do you want that?  Keep going…at some point, you’re going to start to see (1) what’s really driving you and (2) that this is your path to anything being possible.  Do it–you’ll see.

Do the same for what you love, and why.  **As adults, we’ve trained ourselves to ask for not what we would love, but for what we believe is possible.**  Consequently, we limit ourselves to a scarcity mindset before we even begin.  And, intention will never work well when it’s not congruent with what we truly love at our core.  Again…you’ll see.  Do it.  Find yourself again.

**Abundance is limitless, not an amount.**  I don’t want a certain number of trees in the forest or stars in the sky — I want to see them without end, countless.  That’s abundance.  Think “river.”  It’s not that a certain amount of water is coming, but that it is continually coming.   If we panic and try to hold it in fear more will never come, we’ll have a flood.  And if we live downstream from scarcity mentality, we’ll have a drought.  Outflow and service is as important as inflow.  So is purpose–if the bank doesn’t limit the waters, we’ll have a swamp instead of a river.

The same is true of resources like time.  **We literally have all the time there is–all of it!**  How cool!  Yet we continually insist it’s a scarce commodity.  It’s not–we just make careless choices.  Lay out your ideal schedule, and then follow it.  Whatever isn’t fitting, you shouldn’t be doing–stop taking on other people’s stuff, learn to delegate effectively, and turn to community instead of being a one-person show.

**Similarly with love–“love is all there is” is literally true, as light, information, love, energy are all the same.**  Reality is made of love.  That we’re even able to disconnect ourselves from feeling it is perversely amazing, and shows the tremendous power of our creative minds–power we can use to more effective ends.

We’re going to talk about this a lot more on Oct. 20, including practical, actionable steps toward demonstrable results.   I hope you’ll join us — and tell your friends and associates.  They can register here free for this teleseminar and the rest at http://kwanyinhealing.com/six-days.php.  You can easily share this on Facebook and more by clicking the share buttons.  Here’s the lineup:

Oct. 20 — Living Abundance (and why this isn’t simply money)
Oct. 22 — Emotional Challenges and Fear
Oct. 24 — Stress, Overwhelm and Uncertainty
Oct. 27 — Finding Peace, Spiritual Growth, and Living this daily in the “Real World”
Oct. 29 — Getting Unstuck and Manifesting your Dreams and Desires
Oct. 31 — If Healing isn’t Magic, Where do I get the Miracle?  The Kwan Yin Path


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Nine Steps toward Getting Unstuck

Why are we stuck?  What keeps us stuck?  How can we get unstuck?  Follow these nine steps.

Step 1) Understand what’s not working.

Three ineffective roles populate the world:  Prosecutor, Victim, and Rescuer.  The Prosecutors are the tough manager, the strict teacher, the overbearing parent, and actually just convincing people to avoid them.  Victims look at Prosecutors as the problem, but that means the Victims’ behavior is always off the hook, not responsible for anything, and thus unable to change it.   Rescuers at first seem great, but afterwards, when life isn’t perfect, the Victims turn on the Rescuers for “not rescuing good enough.”  Victims become Prosecutors.

So recognize two points:  (a) we can’t control Others, and (b) acknowledge that our current approach isn’t working.  People will endlessly defend what isn’t working, but something has to change—and that’s us.

Step 2) We need help.

OUR way got us where we are now, and will keep us here.  We need others:  more resources, more ideas, people who aren’t stuck where we are, because they don’t have the mindset keeping us stuck.   As we become stronger, as we reach more advanced levels, this is all the more important, because we’re on new ground, and need the help of people who have been where we’re going.

Step 3) Find a spiritual center.

This can be, but doesn’t not have to be religious or traditional.  Forget about disbeliefs—these are irrelevant.  What are the actual beliefs, however minimal—Tao, nature, energy, what?  These can be very small, but whatever those beliefs, we need that focus.  Construct a daily spiritual practice around this.  Perhaps morning reading, evening meditation, or a quiet cup of tea with a favorite tree, but the power is in daily practice.  It will build in ways unimaginable until experienced.  We need this daily touchstone to move forward—whatever happens, we start fresh again from this deep truth we defined.

4) Take a Personal Examination.

Where are we, and what do we want?  Most people don’t get what they want because they don’t know what it is.  Create a dissonance between the reality of where we are and where we want to be.  Don’t blame others for the status quo.  To reclaim power, reclaim self—all of it.  This is NOT a pain free process, but an essential one.

Where are we pointing fingers?   At whom?  What’s the problem?  What does this threaten for us – lots of things are problems that don’t bother us, so why is this one standing out?  What’s our part in it, even if just 5%—this the beginning of power.   We can’t use what power we don’t have, so 5% is stronger than the 95% we lack.  What’s good about this situation, even if only a little—gratitude is also power.  How is this other person suffering (hurt people hurt people)?  Be patient with people struggling through their own “stuff.”  Wish them well – that’s for US, not them, as it separates us from the stuck situation.

Step 5) Where are there weak spots?

Weak spots are not bad—they just need healing and strengthening.  Just identify them.   Then become willing to work on them.  Ask for help, from others and from that spiritual center, that touchstone of truth.

Step 6) Fix our side of problems.

Where have we, even in misunderstanding, harmed others?  Make it right—for OURSELVES, not them…or this will keep us stuck.  Do this with someone else to remain accountable and personally honest.  This is not “I’m sorry,” but making these situations right (where possible or realistic).   Get ourselves clean and free.

Step 7) Continue self-examination, and simplify.

Simplifying allows the flow of “luck.”   We become responsive, aware.  Judgments are attachments—cut them off.  As Don Miguel Ruiz advises—“don’t make assumptions, don’t take anything personal, be impeccable with your word, and always do your best.”   Keep things simple.  Without the clutter, the “luck” falls into place.

Step 8) Continue to develop the connection to the spiritual center.

Greg Reid, author of “Three Feet from Gold,” interviewed hundreds of successful people, all of whom asked “How may I serve you?”   Develop a habit of humility and service, asking for help regularly.   Keep seeking the inner self vs. mental-ego-dominance.

Step 9) Freely share.

Getting unstuck is not about ego, but love and compassion. Sharing and serving keeps things green and relevant for ourselves.  Like streams, water needs to continually flow both in and out, or we become flooded or stagnant—and back to stuck.

We’re going to talk about this a lot more starting Oct. 20, including practical, actionable steps toward demonstrable results.   I hope you’ll join us — and tell your friends and associates.  They can register here free for this teleseminar and the rest at http://kwanyinhealing.com/six-days.php.  You can easily share this on Facebook and more by clicking the share buttons.  Here’s the lineup:

Oct. 20 — Living Abundance (and why this isn’t simply money)
Oct. 22 — Emotional Challenges and Fear
Oct. 24 — Stress, Overwhelm and Uncertainty
Oct. 27 — Finding Peace, Spiritual Growth, and Living this daily in the “Real World”
Oct. 29 — Getting Unstuck and Manifesting your Dreams and Desires
Oct. 31 — If Healing isn’t Magic, Where do I get the Miracle?  The Kwan Yin Path


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